The Burnings
Himanjali Sankar
Price  350.00
Unearth the Secrets. Embrace the Terror. Confront the Flames. Amidst unexplained wildfires raging across the country, Shalini receives a desperate call from her old friend Akshar. Racing to his side amidst the chaos, she finds him a broken man, tormented by regret and dwelling in a foreboding mansion. Trapped within the eerie confines of the mansion, Shalini unravels unsettling secrets while the fires intensify. Stranded with Akshar's delusional ramblings, a distant doctor, and a peculiar childhood sweetheart, Shalini senses a sinister revenge plan unfolding. A sealed room calls to her, hinting at the mansion's dark history. As the wildfires close in, the mansion's enigmatic worlds collide, plunging Shalini into an all-consuming descent into chaos. Will Shalini survive the haunting legacy of the mansion, or will she be consumed by the darkness that surrounds her?
ISBN 9789395624749Category FictionSubcategory Horror & Ghost Stories
Publisher Pan Macmillan IndiaImprint PanPublished 08/04/2024
Format B FormatBinding PaperbackPage extent 216
Himanjali Sankar grew up in Kolkata. She studied English Literature at... »
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