Kritika Kapoor
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A demon is on the loose. And it's dressed to impress for the posh South Delhi social scene. Who will make it? Who is going to die? ... Pia Bhandari is a ticking bomb. Nobody seems to mind her Faustian nightmares as long as she looks nice, smiles frequently and gets to work on time. Not her domineering mother Neeta, who wants to bury her older daughter's troubled past, nor her soon-to-be-married younger sister Khushi, who is their parents' beloved and successful child, in contrast to Pia. Nobody, not even her philandering boyfriend Raghav, with whom she lives. Perhaps it's Kabir, her cute co-worker, who notices something odd about this wealthy South Delhi girl. Strange is an understatement — Pia is possessed by a bloodthirsty demon who tempts her to go on a murderous rampage while pretending to be normal. A truckload of pills every day can only help her so much. But what can Pia do about the nasty voice inside her head that has been speaking to her for fourteen years? Is Pia still doing the demon's will or her own? Kritika Kapoor's fresh, compulsive debut novel is set to thrill horror fans, and lives up to its title – things are about to get, truly, batshit.
ISBN 9789395624473Category FictionSubcategory Science & Fantasy Fiction
Publisher Pan Macmillan IndiaImprint PanPublished 15/02/2023
Format B FormatBinding PaperbackPage extent 216
Delhi girl, cat lady and zombie-novel-aficionado Kritika Kapoor currently... »