Che in Paona Bazaar
Kishalay Bhattacharjee
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North-East India is not an ‘imagined community’, separated from the politics and policies that govern the rest of the country. It is as real as the violence that has torn the land apart, leaving its people grappling for a semblance of normalcy, if nothing else. The north-east isn’t just a hotbed for insurgency and deadly casual encounters, a stop-over on every international rock band’s schedule, or where used syringes lie waiting in dark alleys. There are other realities as well— of forbidden love, weddings, fascinating cuisines, childhood memories and other 'unimportant stories' that never made it to our newspapers and television screens.

In spite of gaining exclusive access to the region, former Resident Editor (NDTV, north-east), Kishalay Bhattacharjee struggled to broadcast stories of these multitudes. Years in the media have taught him that not all revolutions will be televised. Che in Paona Bazaar finds Bhattacharjee deep in the heart of Manipur, demystifying a state that was once just a source of ‘news’ for him. He delves into public memory, digging up collective histories to bring to life a people forgotten by their fellow-countrymen, of women hardened by constant hardship and of a youth struggling to merge their multiple identities. These tales are the result of a long and unflinching look into Manipur’s past and present – a land rich in tradition, culture and violence – and of a people who stage their own daily rebellion by living and thriving against all odds.
ISBN 9789382616047Category Non-fictionSubcategory General Non-fiction
Publisher Pan Macmillan IndiaImprint MacmillanPublished 10/01/2013
Format 198 x 126Binding PaperbackPage extent 248
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