Advances in Business, Operations, and Product Analytics, 1e
Matthew J Drake
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For students and others seeking to master analytics, case studies are invaluable: they expose the entire decision-making process, helping readers practice an active role in both performing analysis and using output to recommend optimal decisions. Now, drawing on his extensive teaching and consulting experience, Prof. Matthew Drake has created the ideal new casebook for undergraduate and masters' courses in business analytics, and for specialized courses applying analytics to specific industries or business functions.
Drake, author of the widely-praised Applied Business Analytics Casebook, presents a collection of up-to-date cases that are longer and more detailed than those typically presented in undergraduate texts, but concise and focused enough to be taught in a single classroom session. Organized by analytical technique, Advances in Business, Operations, and Product Analytics covers: 
Descriptive business analytics: descriptive statistics, sampling/inferential statistics, statistical quality control, and probability
Predictive business analytics: forecasting, demand managing, data and text mining
Prescriptive business analytics: optimization-based modeling, simulation-based modeling, decision analysis, and multi-criteria decision making
Industry-specific analytics: HR and managerial analytics, financial analytics, and healthcare/life sciences.
1) The indispensable business analytics casebook: gives students and professionals a bird’s eye view of all phases of the analytics process across industries. 
2) Brings together new cases related to a wide spectrum of industries, applications, and business functions – from finance to manufacturing to healthcare.
3) Ideal for both upper-level undergraduate and introductory graduate courses in business analytics, decision analysis, management science, and operations research.
4) Designed to complement popular texts on business analytics as well as analytics curriculums.
Part I: General Business Analytics    
Chapter 1: VidoCo Demand Forecast Information Sharing    
Chapter 2: Container Returns at Pasadena Water Solutions     
Chapter 3: Developing a Business Model to Improve the Energy Sustainability of Existing Buildings    
Chapter 4: Contracting for LTL Services at Hankey Industries     
Chapter 5: Optimal Product Bundling at Point and Shoot C+W3amera Shop    
Chapter 6: Intermodal Routing for an Ocean Container     
Part II: Analytics in the Service and Utility Industries     
Chapter 7: Lolly's Restaurant     
Chapter 8: Strategies for Managing Service Delivery Gaps and Service Recovery    
Chapter 9: EverClean Energy, Inc.: Wind Energy Versus Natural Gas     
Chapter 10: Slotting Pharmaceuticals in an Automated Dispensing Cabinet    
Part III: Analytics in Accounting and Finance     
Chapter 11: Tax Ramifications of S Corporation Shareholder Termination or Change of Ownership Interest   
Chapter 12: Charleston Rigging    
Chapter 13: Equipment Purchase and Replacement Strategy at the Fayette China Company    
Part IV: Analytics in the Public Sector    
Chapter 14: Using Regression to Improve Parole Board Decisions    
Chapter 15: Redesigning Pittsburgh Port Authority's Bus Transit System    
Part V: Analytics in Management and Ethical Decision Making     
Chapter 16: The Bloodgate Affair: A Case of Breaking Rules and Breaching Trust?    
Chapter 17: Trouble on the Thames: Event Disruption, Public Protest, or Public Disorder    
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Publisher Pearson EducationImprint Pearson EducationPublished 30/08/2018
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