The Game Master's Book of Astonishing Random Tables
300+ Unique Roll Tables to Enhance Your Worldbuilding, Storytelling, Locations, Magic and More for 5th Edition RPG Adventures
Ben Egloff
Price  1899.00
This invaluable tome provides Game Masters with hundreds of clever, intriguing roll tables that are packed with information designed to make running tabletop RPGs easier, more creative and more fun. The Game Master’s Book of Astonishing Random Tables provides hundreds of tables for nearly every worldbuilding and gameplay situation GMs may come across. Need to know what the local food is like? Roll for it. Need to know how the city’s plumbing is organized or if they have a sewer system? Roll for it. Need to know what specific pathology drives the mad draconian warlord just beyond the city’s gates? Roll for it. Want to determine what a sorcerer’s spell effects look like or what unique way they cast their spells? You know the answer! When warranted, many of the table results are “enhanced” with supplemental information to help clarify roll results, like how a particular type of government is run, or what a particular style of architecture looks like . Other tables will have a branching element, providing a path to fleshing out larger scale subjects that require more detail than can be provided with a single table. The book also includes three one-shot adventures that help GMs put the book’s tables into play right away, so that they can see exactly how helpful and enhancing they can be. The Game Master’s Book of Astonishing Random Tables fills in the holes of gameplay, enriching every scene, setting, character and event, while also adding new, unexpected elements to shake things up and keep players on their toes.
ISBN 9781956403251Category Non-fictionSubcategory General Non-fiction
Publisher Macmillan USAImprint Media Lab BooksPublished 20/06/2023
Format OtherBinding HardcoverPage extent 288
Ben Egloff brings over 30 years of RPG obsession to bear in The Game Master’s... »