John Crow's Devil
Marlon James
Price  450.00
'With language as taut as classic works by Cormac McCarthy and a richness reminiscent of early Toni Morrison, this stunning debut is set in James’s native Jamaica.

On a day beginning with a bad omen - black vultures, locally called Joh Crows, crash through the church windows – a man calling himself Apostle York “set pon Pastor Bligh like when you beat a mangy dog” and evicts the drunken pastor. So begins a fire-and-brimstone power mongering that sets the village on a path to destruction. 

James combines evangelical ideas about spiritual warfare with the folk traditions of voodoo and magic, producing a transfixing blend of horror and metaphor. The result is a mesmerizing treatise on the nature of good and evil, faith and madness, guilt and forgiveness.

ISBN 9781780748498Category FictionSubcategory Modern & Contemporary Fiction
Publisher Pan Macmillan IndiaImprint OneWorldPublished 28/12/2015
Format B FormatBinding PaperbackPage extent 240
Marlon James is a Jamaican novelist. He has published three novels: The... »
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