The Owl Who Asks Why
Michelle Garcia Andersen
Price  1250.00
Misunderstood by her family, a little owl who asks “Why?”, instead of “Whooo?” forms a bond with a wolf cub, who asks “When?” instead of “Hooow?” Little Owl and Little Wolf have so many questions for their parents. “Why can’t we move our eyes?” “When will I no longer be a pup?” But owls don’t ask “Why?” They ask “Whooo?” And wolves don’t ask “When?” They ask “Hoooow?” Mom and Dad say it’s silly to even consider asking those sorts of questions. Feeling teased and misunderstood, Little Owl and Little Wolf decide to run away from home for good. After straying too far from the path, the pair discovers that they’re lost in the forest and begin to wonder if they’ve made the right decision by leaving the pack. Little Owl and Little Wolf realize that the only way to make it back to their families is to not be afraid to ask the right questions, their own way. This heartwarming tale of friendship from author Michelle Garcia Andersen and artist Ayesha Rubio will remind young readers that by staying true to yourself and embracing what makes you unique, good things come to you.
ISBN 9781645671534Category ChildrenSubcategory Fiction
Publisher Macmillan USAImprint Page Street Publishing Co.Published 02/02/2021
Format OtherBinding HardbackPage extent 32
Age group Juvenile
Michelle Garcia Andersen wrote this story after being inspired by the owls... »