Amadou's Zoo
Rebecca Walsh
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On a school trip to the zoo, Amadou leads his classmates on a wild adventure that blurs the line between imagination and reality in this thoughtful, elegant story. Amadou has waited...and waited...and WAITED for his class trip to the zoo. But when they arrive, his teacher would rather talk about rules and facts. So, Amadou eagerly explores the zoo in his own special way—by allowing his imagination to lead. As more and more classmates follow him into his irresistible world of adventure, the sepia-toned zoo fills with vibrant color. Only one question remains—will Amadou’s teacher follow, too? At once an ode to childlike wonder and patient teachers, Amadou’s Zoo encourages the child and 18-99 reader alike to find connections with the world around them. Based on her own observations at the Ménagerie in Paris, Rebecca Walsh has delicately captured the feel of both an old-fashioned zoo and the modern, diverse class trip taking place within it.
ISBN 9781624148842Category ChildrenSubcategory Fiction
Publisher Macmillan USAImprint Page Street Publishing Co.Published 08/09/2020
Format OtherBinding HardbackPage extent 32
Age group Juvenile
Rebecca Walsh studied illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design... »