The Road To Ever After
Moira Young
Price  499.00
Davy David, an orphan, lives by his wits in the dead-end town of Brownvale. When a stray dog called George turns Davy's life upside down just days before Christmas, he sets in motion a chain of events which forces them to flee. A mischievous wind blows the two of them to a boarded-up museum on the outskirts of town where they meet the elderly recluse, Miss Flint. She has planned one last adventure before her time is up and hires the reluctant Davy and George to escort her. The Road to Ever After by Moira young is a magical adventure about an unlikely friendship and an unforgettable journey.
ISBN 9781509832569Category ChildrenSubcategory Fiction
Publisher Pan Mac UKImprint Macmillan Children’s BooksPublished 19/10/2017
Format BBinding PaperbackPage extent 240
Age group Juvenile
Moira Young was an actress and opera singer before becoming a writer. She... »