Button Pusher
Tyler Page
Price  1199.00
A graphic memoir about Tyler, a child who is diagnosed with ADHD and has to discover for himself how to best manage it. Tyler’s brain is different. Unlike his friends, he has a hard time paying attention in class. He acts out in goofy, over-the-top ways. Sometimes, he even does dangerous things—like cut up a bus seat with a pocketknife or hang out of an attic window. To the adults in his life, Tyler seems like a troublemaker. But he knows that he’s not. Tyler is curious and creative. He’s the best artist in his grade, and when he can focus, he gets great grades. He doesn’t want to cause trouble, but sometimes he just feels like he can’t control himself. In Button Pusher, cartoonist Tyler Page delves into his childhood experiences and explores what it means to grow up with ADHD. From diagnosis to treatment and beyond, Tyler’s story is raw and enlightening, inviting you to see the world from a new perspective.
ISBN 9781250758330Category ChildrenSubcategory Non-fiction
Publisher Macmillan USAImprint First SecondPublished 12/04/2022
Format OtherBinding PaperbackPage extent 256
Age group Juvenile Non-
Tyler Page is an Eisner-nominated cartoonist and educator. He has worked... »