Good Night, Alligator
Rebecca Van Slyke
Price  1250.00
An irreverent bedtime story for children who want to stay up all night, Goodnight, Alligator is a wild romp that ends in sweet dreams. Alligators don’t brush their teeth. They don’t wear pajamas. And most of all, they DO NOT go to bed. At every stage of the bedtime routine, Alligator has a reason why she can’t go to bed. But she and her patient parents find compromises along the way. Instead of a shower, Alligator will take a bath. Instead of tucking in the covers, Alligator will lurk under the surface watching for prey. She won't allow kisses, unless they are on the top of her head (watch out for her teeth!). Until even Alligator, worn out from her busy day of being a fierce predator, nods off and falls alseep.
ISBN 9781250218308Category ChildrenSubcategory Fiction
Publisher Macmillan USAImprint Roaring Brook PressPublished 10/08/2021
Format OtherBinding HardbackPage extent 40
Age group Juvenile
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