No Ego
How Leaders Can Cut the Cost of Workplace Drama, End Entitlement, and Drive Big Results
Cy Wakeman
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'For years now, leaders in almost every industry have accepted two completely false assumptions - that change is hard, and that engagement drives results. Those beliefs have inspired expensive attempts to shield employees from change, involve them in high-level decision making, and keep them happy with endless "satisfaction surveys" and workplace perks. But what these engagement programs actually do, Cy Wakeman says, is inflate expectations and sow unhappiness, leaving employees unprepared to adapt to even minor changes necessary to the organization's survival. Rather than driving performance and creating efficiencies, these programs fuel entitlement and drama, costing millions in time and profit. It is high time to reinvent leadership thinking. Stop worrying about your employees' happiness, and start worrying about their accountability. Cy Wakeman teaches you how to hire "emotionally inexpensive" people, solicit only the opinions you need, and promote self-awareness in your whole team. No Ego disposes with unproven HR maxims, and instead offers a complete plan to turn your office from a den of discontent to a happy, productive place.
ISBN 9781250171481Category Non-fictionSubcategory Business, Finance & Management
Publisher Macmillan USImprint St. Martin's GriffinPublished 01/12/2017
Format DemyBinding PaperbackPage extent 224
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