The Fix-It Friends: Have No Fear!
Nicole C. Kear
Price  599.00
Precocious Veronica Conti assembles the Fix-It Friends, a motley crew of problem-solving kids, and helps a friend overcome a phobia. Recess rocks—at least that’s what Veronica thinks, but second grader Maya doesn’t agree. Maya’s so terrified of bugs she chooses to spend every recess in the principal's office. Veronica is intent on helping Maya conquer her fear, but when her tactics misfire (and make a massive mess), Veronica’s sure she’s made things worse for Maya . . . until her mom and dad turn the tide with some good advice. Veronica’s best friend Cora, big brother Jude, and Jude’s best friend Ezra help rescue Veronica’s rescue mission—and the Fix-It Friends are born! Told from Veronica’s hilarious perspective, and with a diverse cast, the first adventure in the Fix-It Friends series anchors humor with lots of heart. Includes a toolbox of real advice on how to face your fears!
ISBN 9781250085849Category ChildrenSubcategory Fiction
Publisher Macmillan USAImprint ImprintPublished 16/05/2017
Format OtherBinding PaperbackPage extent 144
Age group Juvenile
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