Basher Science Mini: Pandemic
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Bestselling illustrator Basher brings you his unique, colorful take on the world's deadliest diseases. Do you know what happens when Virus goes viral? How does Immune System fight infection when it strikes? And why do masks matter? Kids need real science information about the Covid-19 pandemic that has kept them away from school, kept their parents away from work, and may even have harmed people they know and love. And they want information about how to deal with their feelings, too. The Basher mix of science and humor makes these difficult times less frightening by providing approachable and easily understandable information in a format kids know and love. From Smallpox to Social Distancing, this book is crammed with bad actors from the world of pandemics. Find out about history’s nastiest diseases, then discover how Vaccine, Treatment, and Clinical Trial help to beat back today’s viruses. And turn to Hygiene, Face Mask, Lockdown, and Resourcefulness for advice on keeping safe physically—and mentally. Basher’s distinctive, colorful illustrations and Tom Jackson’s lively, engaging text will demystify pandemics, while informing kids about the coronavirus that has changed their lives.
ISBN 9780753477878Category ChildrenSubcategory Non-fiction
Publisher Macmillan USAImprint KingfisherPublished 04/05/2021
Format OtherBinding Trade PaperbackPage extent 64
Age group Juvenile Non-
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