Basher Science Mini: Forensics
Tom Jackson, Simon Basher
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Basher lifts the lid on solving crimes in this fact-filled science book. Chemistry (Hello, Chemical Analysis!), biology (That’s you, DNA and Autopsy!), and physics (I’m looking at you, Blood Spatter and Ballistics!) are all on hand to help detectives find the guilty party. From the first chapter that explains crime (and punishment), through collecting evidence and analysing it, to the last chapter on jobs in forensic science, kids will love reading all about how crimes are solved. With age-appropriate real-world examples, this book brings science to life. CONTENTS Introduction: Edmond Locard His theory that “every contact leaves a trace” forms the basis of forensic science. Chapter 1: Crimes R’ Us. What kinds of crimes are there? Theft; Fraud; Counterfeiting; Forgery; Computer Crime (including Ransomware, Hacking and Identity Theft); Arson; Murder Chapter 2: The Crime Scene Crew. What happens at a crime scene? Protective clothing; Photography; CSI Kit; DNA collection kit; Tracks (footprints, tire marks, animal prints); Bite marks; Fingerprints; Blood spatter Chapter 3: The Lab Bench Bunch. How is evidence analysed? Chemical analysis; Microscopic analysis (blood, paint, fibres); Ballistics; DNA profiling; Autopsy (to include cause of death and time of death); Lie detector tests; Brain fingerprinting; Facial Identification; Voice identification Chapter 4: The Super Sleuths. Who solves the crimes? Detective; Medical Examiner; Forensic pathologist; Forensic anthropologist; Forensic archaeologist; Arson investigator; Forensic computer analyst
ISBN 9780753448281Category ChildrenSubcategory Non-fiction
Publisher Pan Macmillan UKImprint KingfisherPublished 22/06/2023
Format OtherBinding PaperbackPage extent 64
Age group Juvenile Non-
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