Easy Breezy Prosperity
The Five Foundations for a More Joyful, Abundant Life
Emmanuel Dagher
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'A prescriptive, holistic guide to discover and nurture prosperityand align your life with your spiritual core
In Easy Breezy Prosperity, Emmanuel Dagher redefines what real prosperitymeans and offers readers tactics to expand and enrich themselves well beyondfinancial goals. By examining how and why we treat money the way we do, Daghershows readers how to realize the success they've already created and cultivatethe clarity needed to attract more of it in their daily lives. Each chapter isdesigned to empower readers, leaving them feeling optimistic not just abouttheir working lives and finances, but their entire life's path.

Dagher shares his own story andthose of his clients and fans who have turned their lives around using his meditations,rituals, and exercises. He also includes a 28-day plan with simple yeteffective daily practices readers can use, such as:

* Expressing gratitude each morningfor all that they have

* Cultivating a healthyrelationship with money through "money healing" practices

* Seeking out opportunities to beof service through their time, energy, gifts, or abilities

* De-cluttering their space andmind to allow positivity to enter

These strategies allow readers totake action, strengthen self-confidence, build a supportive network, and enjoya more joyful, more abundant life.
ISBN 9781623366216Category Non-fictionSubcategory Business & Management
Publisher Macmillan USImprint Rodale BooksPublished 01/05/2016
Format DemyBinding PaperbackPage extent 208
author note
Emmanuel Dagher is a transformation specialist, holistichealth practitioner,... »