Selfish, Shallow, and Self-Absorbed
Meghan Daum
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One of the most provocative and talked-about books of the year, Selfish, Shallow, and Self- Absorbed is the stunning collection exploring one of society's most vexing taboos. One of the main topics of cultural conversation during the last decade was the supposed "fertility crisis," and whether modern women could figure out a way to have it all-a successful career and the required 2.3 children-before their biological clock stopped ticking.
Now, however, conversation has turned to whether it's necessary to have it all (see Anne-Marie Slaughter) or, perhaps more controversial, whether children are really a requirement for a fulfilling life. In this exciting and controversial collection of essays, curated by writer Meghan Daum, thirteen acclaimed female writers explain why they have chosen to eschew motherhood. Contributors include Lionel Shriver, Sigrid Nunez, Kate Christiensen, Elliott Holt, Geoff Dyer, and Tim Kreider, among others, who will give a unique perspective on the overwhelming cultural pressure of parenthood.
This collection makes a smart and passionate case for why parenthood is not the only path to a happy, productive life, and takes our parent-centric, kid-fixated, baby-bump-patrolling culture to task in the process. In this book, that shadowy faction known as the childless-by-choice comes out into the light.
ISBN 9781250081643Category Non-fictionSubcategory Health, Family & Lifestyle
Publisher Pan Macmillan IndiaImprint PicadorPublished 10/06/2016
Format PaperbackBinding PaperbackPage extent 288
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